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Ecological leisure zone(Ecofallow)


Expo Garden of Beijing is located at the west bank of Yongding River of Fengtai District, and was construction waste backfill yard, a rejected land dirty, unorganized and inferior. Designers and builders of the Expo Garden of Beijing built the rejected land into an exquisite garden through “ecological restoration” environmental protection ideas and kinds of biotechnologies. In the Garden Expo of Beijing, the concept of “turning the decayed to miracle” is Jinxiu Valley. On the pit with depth of 30 meters and area of 10 Mu equivalent to 10 football fields, designers conceived based on terrain and built a sunken flower stream and valley spot.
Water is a rare source in Beijing City. How to assure sufficient water supply continuously in the Garden Expo of Beijing is the primary concern in design and construction of the Garden Expo. Utilization of rain and flood system and sewage treatment system realizes zero losses of rainwater and zero discharge of sewage in the expo.
The rain and flood utilization system involving the entire garden expo and surrounding areas covers an area of 82 hectares, equivalent to 1/3 of total area of the Expo garden. The pavement and square in the garden expo adopt the comprehensive rainwater utilization plan. The water permeation paving materials are used to permeate water underground, which is filtered and collected in water reservoir. The functional wetland park and expo lake in the Garden Expo of Beijing City collect precipitation in the Garden expo and surrounding areas, store water for the expo and purify the regeneration water.
Application of the sewage treatment technique also saves water for the Garden Expo. Domestic sewage in the Garden Expo can be used as reclaimed water after slag removal, depositing and filtering, mainly used for toilet washing, green belt washing, road washing and scene water consumption in the Garden.
Energy is the “artery” of the Garden Expo of Beijing, all activities are driven by energy. Application of various ecofriendly energy techniques makes the Garden Expo of Beijing the example of energy conservation and environmental protection. The wind and light complementary system used by the main hall is mainly composed of wind power generator, solar energy battery panel, wind and light complementary control and other parts. It does not only provide lighting but also charges automobile, battery vehicle and electric bicycle. The solar energy battery panel is everywhere in the Garden Expo and is a key part of the PV system. It converts the sun radiation into electric energy. The solar energy PV station integrated with the park building brings lighting power to the building and provides emergency auxiliary spare power for halls in the Garden Expo.

        Ecological restoration, rain and flood utilization, recycling water purification and PV power generation, with application of these advanced science& technology, the garden expo of Beijing is vigorous. While citizens appreciate the park culture, they enjoy connotation of humane Beijing, science& technology Beijing and ecofriendly Beijing.