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Dahongmen Creative Industry Zone(Creative Industries)


Dahongmen Fashion Innovative Zone is located at south central axis road, starting from the South 3rd Ring Central Road (including northeast corner of Muxi Park) in the north and ending at South 4th Ring Central Road in the south with total length from south to north about 2500 meters; starting from Majiabao East Road in the east and Tiantan South Road (Guangcai Road) in the east, occupying an area of about 6 square kilometers.
Throughout more than 30 years’ development, Dahongmen Clothes Business District has a sound industrial development foundation, has formed scaled professional markets and has increasing influences on surrounding areas, featuring as follows: 
The first is enhanced scaled strength and market radiation. At present, Dahongmen area covers 31 clothes, textiles and shoes and cap markets, with 760 thousand square meters of business area and 20 thousand vendors, has formed the commodity circulation market system with wholesales circulation dominant and production and sales driven, constitutes a large-scaled clothes business circle and has a large market assembly capacity. The market gathers funds and goods resources from Zhejiang, Guangdong, Fujian, Jiangsu, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. About 80% of traded commodity enter Northeast, North China and Northwest areas and even Eastern Europe countries. Market influences have been enhanced and yield international influences.
The second is called clothes industry, and comprehensive effects take on. The clothes business in Dahongmen drive the development of clothes production and processing industry. At present, Dahongmen gathers many scaled clothes, fabrics and auxiliary materials production and processing enterprises, and forms relatively complete clothes industrial chain. According to statistics, there are almost 2000 clothes sales enterprises and clothes processing enterprises in Dahongmen area, with 90 juristic person enterprises of clothes with registered capital of 1 million yuan and in a large scale (foreign invested enterprises included). The development of clothes industry and related industries has provided more employment spaces and brought taxes to local government and contributed a lot to regional economic and social development. More prosperous popularity, business and fortune in Dahongmen area absorb domestic and overseas investors to develop and construct.
The third is more famous brand clothes and increased regional brand values. A number of tier-1 clothes brand agents have been assembled in Dahongmen with over 2000 brands, such as international and domestic brand sales of Jodoll, Royal Sainbolo, Cardanro, Jean& Shark, Pierre Cardin. Meanwhile, Dahongmen also cultivates many local brands, such as Weikeduo, Aobao, Zhuangzi, Zongyang and Anhuizi, which have become famous clothes brands in China. Depending on clothes brand sales, sales agency and other new business forms, Dahongmen has become a new stage for many small brands towards national markets, the trend for clothes trade in North China and is reputable and influences in clothes industry. Its regional brand has been extensively recognized, and brand value has been increased a lot.

        Throughout many years’ development, clothes market influences of Dahongmen area has been enhanced, a lot of talents, funds, information and other market resources have been assembled to finish a complete service industry chain. With perfection and improvement of urban functions and infrastructure construction, development environment in Dahongmen has been improved progressively, and the standing as the core area in the south of the city takes on. In April, 2008, the municipal government awarded “Dahongmen Clothes and Costume Innovative Industry Assembly Area of Beijing City”, which gave the way of clothes industry in Dahongmen area transformed to innovation and high end and single clothes trade to trade and comprehensive business functions.