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Fengtai Park of Zhongguan Village Science& Technology Park(Science Parks)


Approved by the People’s Government of Beijing City and founded in November, 1991, Fengtai Science& Technology Park was one of the three parks of science& technology park of Zhongguan Village. After more than ten years’ development, Fengtai Science& Technology Park has become a famous economy zone in China, a key hi-tech industrial base in Beijing City and the core urban economic functional zones of Fengtai District. 
Total income of Fengtai Science& Technology Park in 2010 is 195 billion yuan, main indicators rank No.3 in Science& Technology Park of Zhongguan Village, and industrial assembling effects have been formed. Hi-tech industrial enterprises with electronic information, biology pharmaceutics, advanced manufacturing, new materials and new energy as the core, characteristics industry with engineering service, railway traffic and aviation military service as representative and new industries with development potential like cultural innovative industry and productive service industry are formed, and headquarters zone featuring active innovation, centralized elements, developed economy and harmonious region is formed and plays a more and more important role in the strategy for development of southern area in Beijing.
Fengtai Science& Technology Park is composed of the eastern zone, western zone and science& technology street, namely “two zones and one street”, with total area of 8.18 square kilometers. Of them, the eastern zone covers an area of 4.01 square kilometers and is the core area of developing headquarters economy; the western zone covers an area of 4.17 square kilometers and is manufacturing and innovative center; the science& technology street is composed of incubator network, and is a key base for growth for development of medium and small-sized enterprises. The eastern zone, western zone and science& technology street have been formed, and construction of the headquarters base (eastern section) and western section are under construction.
Total floor area of the first stage of eastern zone covers an area of 1.24 square kilometers with planning area of 1.76 million square meters. Key enterprises like Beijing Dynamic Power Co., Ltd. and Beijing ARITIME Intelligent Control Co., Ltd. in the fields of management, R& D and production have entered, and it becomes an industrialized base for enterprise R& D, headquarters management and pilot manufacturing. The 2nd stage of the eastern zone covers an area of 1.65 square kilometers with planning area of 2.35 million square meters. Grouped project construction is established, and headquarters base, Pengrun International Fashion Center, Top Science& Technology Center and headquarters international have been established. It absorbs China Jianlong Steel, China Chengtong Group and other key e3nterprises and become the most important space carrier for developing headquarters economy in the park. The Science& Technology Street is to integrate and expand original buildings, with International Business Incubation (IBI) Center of Beijing as brand, the incubator network composed of 14 incubator centers, 18 incubation buildings and 220 thousand square meters is formed and is a key space carrier for medium and small-sized enterprises, more than 1200 hi-tech enterprises with software, biological pharmaceutical enterprises and optical electromechanical as the main body, in the fields of new materials, new energy, high efficiency and environmental protection and hi-tech industrial belt has been formed. The headquarters base (eastern zone) is a key part of “eastward expansion and westward marching” for Fengtai Science& Technology Park, with total area of 1.81 square kilometers, and is the largest land for hi-tech industry to be developed in the southwest of Beijing, wholly positioned as the hi-tech service headquarters zone. The western section covers an area of 4.17 square kilometers, “innovation park combined with the serviceman and civilian”, mainly positioned at innovation center of manufacturing industry.
Fengtai Science& Technology Park has low-density and ecological building space planning. The eastern zone is surrounded by urban forestation belt with an area of 10 thousand Mu, with ecological theme park covering a floor area of 6.86 hectares, the world park, flowers base and golf course surrounded, which have been certified with ISO14001 environment system, and application of national ecological industrial demonstration park is in progress. The western section is located at the western ecological development belt in the west of Beijing City and adjacent to Yongding River, with advantageous natural environment ecology. The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Bank of Communications, Bank of Beijing, Auchan Supermarket, Pianyifang and other financial, commercial and catering organizations.

        The Management Committee of Science& Technology Park of Zhongguan Village exercises duties of planning, development and management of Fengtai Science& Technology Park, and engages in optimizing investment environment. The Park has formed policy services and management system with headquarters enterprise service system and business incubation system as contents, and has shaped headquarters culture of “upholding centralization, and realizing spanning”, innovation culture of “leading and innovative” and business culture of “encouraging business and forgiving failure”.