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Lize Business District (Financial business)


Lize Financial Business District of Beijing (hereinafter referred to as FBD) is located between 2nd and 3rd Ring Roads of Beijing City, with Lize Road as the main line, starts from Caihuying Bridge in the west 2nd Ring Road to Lize Bridge in the west 3rd Ring Road, starts from Fengcao River in the south and to Honglian South Road in the north, covering a floor area of 8.09 square kilometers and total building scale of 8-9.5 million square meters, and it is the last area to be developed successfully in the 3rd Ring Road of Beijing City.
In accordance with the space industry layout requirements of “two cities and two belts, and six hi-tech and four new zones” of Beijing City, as one of the “four new zones” of Lize Financial Business District of Beijing, it provides a new development space for emerging financial institutions, financial element markets and financial enterprise headquarters in Beijing.
I. Scientific planning, designing and positioning
In accordance with the four concepts of “ecological business districts, financial city without darkness, three-dimensional traffic network and information express highway”, Lize Financial Business District finishes urban design at high standards and high requirements, and lays a foundation for building up emerging financial institutions assembly zone with the emerging financial business forms as the body, high-end business service as the supporting service, green and ecofriendly environment as the support, including powerful international influences, radiation and innovation. 
II. Active investment development platform
The highlight of late-mover advantage of Lize Financial Business District of Beijing City is perfect urban functions, enhanced municipal conditions and optimized investment environment.
Developed traffic system, convenient traveling
Three-dimensional chessboard network with total length of over 30Km and 4-5 tiers reaches every corner in the city; the metro No.11, No.14 and No.16 lines cross the core business district and surrounding road network to link between Lize and CBD, financial street, Zhongguan Village and other key areas; the underground traffic corridor with total length of 3Km links 12 blocks in the core area and underground business zone covering an area of 150 thousand square meters; extra-large public space and interflow three-dimensional garage will provide vendors with parking space covering an area of about 100 thousand square meters; it is adjacent to the West Railway Station and South Railway Station of Beijing and Fengtai Railway Station, and Beijing-Tianjin, Beijing-Shanghai, Beijing-Guangzhou express highways reach every corner of China, 30 minutes to Tianjin and 4 hours to Shanghai; it is easy access to the capital airport, and only half-an-hour drive to the 2nd airport of Beijing City under planning. The huge and complete traffic system will be key advantages for Lize Financial Business District different from other business districts.
Grand building scale, warm business service
There are 9 5-star and super 5-star hotels in the area and 2 large-sized shopping malls with building area of 100 to 200 thousand square meters which will provide the business districts with a lot of business opportunities; and senior apartment with an area of almost 500 thousand square meters provide investors with homelike warm services. In this year, urban complex in the south of Lize and other land for business finance and multi-function with an area of near 60 hectares and building scale over 1 million square meters will be on market.
III. Ecofriendly low-carbon ecological environment
Lize Financial Business District of Beijing is located in the southwest of Beijing City as a civilized ancient city with a history of 600 years, at the relics of Jinzhongdu with a history of more than 1000 years, thick historical atmosphere, nice ecological environment and advantageous geographical location.
Nice ecological environment and thick cultural deposit
The business district is located at the key forestation area of Beijing City with forestation area of 3000 Mu and more than 80 new buildings are surrounded by 6 green belts; and Lianhua River and Fengcao River with length of 5Km extend there. The created waterfront economic environment does not only enrich your investment and consumption concept and can bring you rich investment payback; you can review the history of Jinzhongdu relics park under protection, the cultural innovation industrial park with an area of 100 thousand square meters is provided for the business district.
Ecofriendly, low-carbon and energy conservation, high environment quality
On the basis of reservation and perfection, Lize will advocate the ecofriendly development concept featuring low-carbon production, low-carbon consumption and low-carbon living, and reduce carbon emission and carbon traces by utilization of solar energy, joint supply of hot and cold sources, rainwater collection, ecological cycling system and other advanced technologies. Meanwhile, it advocates ecofriendly behaviors, builds a 15-minute business circle and improves environment quality of business district; 4 centralized refrigeration stations are built in the area to provide centralized refrigeration for building with an area of 3.6 million square meters in the business district; more than 80 new buildings are constructed in accordance with the ecofriendly and low-carbon indexes; 500 thousand tons of construction waste from the development are handled in the municipal and environment construction.
Lize will be the first “landscape-style financial business district” in China, and will be a template and model for low-carbon ecological zone in the world.
IV. Ideal urban living community
In accordance with the planning concept of “Financial city without darkness” of Lize Financial Business District of Beijing and the history of more than eight hundred years in the area where Lize Financial Business District is located, we will yield its profound historical and cultural deposit and powerful cultural relics charm and make the business district a new note for Beijing’s demonstration city vigor, new homeland for entering enterprises suitable for living and a new model for “working and living integration”.
Scientific city operation, innovative wisdom combination
Ecological greenbelt in the south and north zones and the sunken plaza in the core area will provide a comprehensive cultural experience location for sports, leisure, consumption and entertainment in the business district. Besides, we will explore and optimize soft traffic environment in the area, realize internal static control, cleaning and traffic services in the business district; establish a self-supported 4G telecommunication network in conformity with requirements of large-sized urban community and extra-high buildings, and effectively control accidents 24 hours a day; integrating urban operation and management system is adopted to provide vendors with efficient, safe and comprehensive data workshop; scientifically plan the urban lighting system, and combine city illumination and humane health with ecofriendly lighting; build 2 urban sightseeing platforms, and provide the best view over the ancient Beijing City.
Developer and builder of Lize hope to combine all advanced technologies into concepts and products in urban development and construction, in particular to various innovative industries to Lize for joint development, moving passers with colorful innovative activities and wonderful thoughts and demonstrate enjoyment from Lize’s wisdom.
V. Grand financial business space
As a key part of financial industrial layout of Beijing City, development and construction of Lize Financial Business District of Beijing City has been powerfully supported by the municipal Party Committee and the municipal government. At present, 27 billion yuan has been completed, a land of 37 hectares is on market with total building area of 1.2 million square meters. It introduces 114 organizations and large-sized enterprises, including China Securities Finance Stock Co., Ltd., China United Property Insurance and other financial enterprises, Financial Information Exchange of Xinhua News Agency, Zhongtieyintong, Zhongtong Finance and other elementary market and emerging financial institutions, with registered capital of 35 billion yuan. The land with an area of 133 hectares in the north of Lize Road will be kicked off. Realization of Lize Financial Business District will provide grand finance and business carrying space for emerging financial institutions.

        Development and construction of Lize Financial Business District of Beijing City are under construction, and a new batch of financial institutions will enter. In the future, emerging financial business district towards the world, with nice environment, complete environment, first-class environment and suitable for living and working will be formed in Lize.