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Beijing Railway West Station

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Beijing Railway West Station
Address: No.118, Lianhuachi East Road, Fengtai District, Beijing City, 100055
Beijing Railway West Station undertakes passenger transport for Jingguang (Beijing to Guangzhou), Jingjiu (Beijing-Kowloon), Jingbao (Beijing to Baotou), Jinghu (Beijing to Shanghai) and other lines, is located at southwest of Beijing urban area, located at the boundary of Fengtai, Haidian and Xuanwu Districts, 6.7Km away from the downtown area and was officially opened for operating on January 21, 1996.
Beijing Railway West Station adopts overhead waiting wall, departure underground and entering aboveground, in the south-north direction, and the north is dominant. Shift foreman reception desk and police workstation are located on both sides of the hall on the 2nd floor.
The North Ticketing Hall is located at the east side of North Plaza of the Station, and the South Ticketing Hall is located at the east and west of the South Plaza of the Station. The transit signing ticketing office is located on the 2nd floor underground of the North Plaza to accelerate transit signing as well as ticket returning and ticketing.
Beijing Railway West Station is provided with 13 waiting rooms. Of them, the soft berth waiting room serves travelers with soft berth tickets; No.2 waiting room is “036” featuring waiting room, and serves key tourists; No.3 waiting room serves soldiers, students and group tourists, and No.4 and No.5 waiting rooms are CRH and through train waiting rooms. Besides, entry-exit joint inspection and quarantine is located in the west of the North Plaza, which is an exclusive waiting room for T97/8 train direct to Hong Kong. Beijing Railway West Station of China Railway Express undertakes luggage arrival and departure and transfer business. The luggage consignment hall is located at the east of the North Plaza, and the luggage claim hall is located at the west of the North Plaza.
Departure routes at public traffic hinge of the North Plaza
Routes No. 21 (Beijing Railway West Station-Anhuaqiao North), No.52 (Beijing Railway West Station-Pingle Park), No.65 (Beijing Railway West Station-Zoo), No.319 (Beijing Railway West Station-Xiyuan), No.320 (Beijing Railway West Station-Xiyuan), No.373 (Beijing Railway West Station-Government Office of Lugu Road), No.374 (Newly built palace gate of Summer Palace-Beijing Railway West Station), No.387 (Beijing Railway West Station-East Intersection of Huizhong Road), special route No.6 (Beijing Railway West Station-Hanjiachuan South Station), No.473 (Beijing Railway West Station-Newly built palace gate of Summer Palace), No.673 (Beijing Railway West Station-Shigezhuang), No.695 (Beijing Railway West Station-Shidaizhuangyuan North Station) and No.99 (Beijing Railway West Station-Zuoan Road).
Routes departure from and via Lianhuachi East Road of the North Plaza 
Routes No.9 (Jinjia Village Qiaodong- Jingtai Road), No.741 (Beijing Railway West Station), No.623 (Dongzhimen Hinge Station-Beijing Railway West Station), No.40 (Muxiyuanqiao North-Wulu), No.47 (Xiaomachag-Haidianqiao East), No.50 (Dianchangxincun-Chegongzhuang North), No.89 (Enjili Living Quarters-Hongliannanli), No.301 (Xiaoyueyuan Living Quarters-Qianmen), No.414 (Wuluqiao East-Liucun), No.67 (Qianmen West-Fanjiacun Public Bus Station), No.54 (Chengnanjiayuan North-Yuejialou East), special routes No.2 (Lizeqiao North-Yanhuang Art Gallery), No.616 (South Plaza of Beijing Railway West Station-Beiluyuan), No.661(Taiziyu Cemetery-Changchun Street West), No. 662 (Yungang No.101 Institute-Changchun Street Intersection West), No.663 (Xiaomachang-Pingguoyuan South), No.694 (Jiamingyuan-Baolong Apartment), Yuntong No.102 (Xianglong Public Transport Company-Zhaogongkou Long-distance Station), No.901 (Yanhua Dongling- Qianmen West), special route No.937 (Nanlishi Road-Yangfangcun), No.937 branch (Nanlishi Road-Macun), No.937 Branch 3 (Dahuichang West Station-Nanlishi Road) Night bus: No.205 (Qilizhuang-Sihui Station), No.209 (Beijing Railway East-Summer Palace), No.212 (Laogucheng-Qianmen West) and No.213 (Lvying Garden-Hangtianqiao West).
Routes departure from and via South Plaza
Routes No.72 (Beijing Railway West Station South Plaza -Beijing Railway South Station South Plaza), No.109 (Beijing Railway West Station South Plaza-Dongdaqiao), No.122 (Beijing Railway Station East-Beijing Railway Station East), No.53 (Beijing Railway West Station East-Sifangqiao West), No.349 (Fengtai West Station-Beijing Railway West Station South Plaza), No.410 (Huiyuan Road Bus Station-Beijing West Station South Plaza), No.616 (Beijing Railway West Station-Beiluyua), No.927 (Xiaozhouyi Village-Beijing Railway West Station South Plaza), No.941 (Beijing Railway West Station South Plaza-Yong’an Living Quarters), No.982 (Beijing Railway West Station South Plaza-Tujing Village West), No.993 (Beijing Railway West Station South Plaza-Doudian Bus Station), No.997 (Beijing Railway West Station South Plaza-Yizhuang) and special route No.927 (Beijing Railway West Station South Plaza-Dadi Station).
Underground taxi station
The North Plaza of Beijing Railway West Station carries a large ground traffic, parking line is not marked on the road of the Plaza, taxi cannot park here, and breaching vehicles are unlicensed in most cases. The taxi station of Beijing Railway West Station is located underground from west to east, and is managed by station managers. Two taxi scheduling stations on the 1st floor and the 2nd floor undergrounds are located at the east of the north way-out of Beijing Railway West Station; and a ground taxi scheduling station is located at spiral bends of the North Plaza.

        Metro is unavailable for Beijing Railway West Station at present. Of the planning of Beijing Railway West Station, Beijing Railway West Station as a metro station will be officially put into operation in 2011. Transfer to Metro Line 1 at Gongzhufen (take routes No.52, No.374 and No.99) or the military museum (take routes No.21 and No.320). [To Beijing Railway Station] Take routes No.9, No.673, special route No.2 and No.52 buses at Beijing Railway West Station North Plaza to Beijing Railway Station. Take route No.122 bus at Beijing Railway West Station South Plaza to Beijing Railway Station East. Travel northwards from Beijing Railway West Station North Plaza to the West Chang’an Street, and transfer to Line 1 to Sihuidong at the “military museum”, and transfer to Metro Line 2 at “Fuxingmen” Station and get off at “Beijing Railway Station”. [To Beijing Railway South Station] Take routes No.72 and No.122 buses at Beijing Railway West Station North Plaza to Beijing Railway South Station, and take routes No.53 and No.741 to pass by Beijing Railway South Station. [To Beijing Railway North Station] Travel northwards from Beijing Railway West Station to West Chang’an Street and transfer to Line 1 at “Military Museum” Station to Sihui East, and transfer to Line 2 at “Fuxingmen” Station and get off at “Xizhimen” Station. Or take route No.21 and get off at Xizhimen South.