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Beijing Railway South Station

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Beijing Railway South Station
Beijing Railway South Station (original name: Yongdingmen Station) is located at Yongwaidajie, Chongwen District, Beijing City, the boundary of Xuanwu District, Chongwen District and Fengtai District, among South 2nd Ring Road, South 3rd Ring Road, Majiabao East Road and Majiabao West Road and the north of Liangshui River. It is the largest railway station in China and even in Asia, and is honored as “the first largest railway station in Asia”.
Platform track floors of Beijing Railway South Station include 13 platforms, 24 arrival-departure tracks and 3 passenger transport yards. Ordinary-speed rolling stock yard with 5 arrival-departure tracks and 3 platforms, special passenger transport rolling stock yard with 12 arrival-departure tracks and 6 platforms and inter-city railway rolling stock yard with 7 arrival-departure tracks and 4 platforms are located from north to south. It undertakes arrival and departure of Beijing-Tianjin intercity trains, and passenger station of Beijing-Shanghai Express Railway in Beijing. Two aboveground floors of Beijing Railway South Station are overhead waiting floors, travelers’ entry floors, with a building area of 47654 square meters, the center of which is an independent waiting room, and east and west of which is entry halls, and waiting rooms are located from north to south. Four corners of the overhead waiting halls are provided with ticking office building, and 84 window-type ticking machine and 39 automatic ticketing machine are available at the station. Ticket verification for entry is controlled by the automatic ticket verification system. Zero-distance transfer is realized for travelers at Beijing Railway South Station, and many elevators and escalators are provided at each platform. These elevators and escalators combine the waiting hall, platform floor and underground transfer hall. 111 elevators and escalators are given in the station, and travelers can enter and departure the station and enter each service area of the station via these barrier-free facilities.     
One underground floor is transfer space and traveler departure system of the entire station with an area of 119940 square meters, and most travelers transfer on this floor, which is a hinge of the railway south station. The east and west sides are departure halls for travelers, and 909 parking berths are provided at the upper and lower floors.  
The traffic system of Beijing Railway South Station covers 5 floors, composed of 2 floors aboveground, 3 floors underground and overhead circular lanes. Beijing Railway South Station is built with circular overhead bridge around the central station room and canopy on both sides with full length of 2.8Km. The overhead floor carries taxi and social vehicles, and travelers enter the overhead waiting hall directly. Interchanges are built in the east, south, west and north directions of the overhead bridge, connect South 2nd Ring Road, South 3rd Ring Road, Majiabao West Road and Majiabao East Road and connect railway station room and municipal traffic system. Traveling to take bus can take bus on the ground or transfer on 1st floor underground. The ground floor carries social vehicles and travelers’ entering the station. The 1st floor includes transfer hall, parking lot and travelers’ departure system, and the station connecting urban railway system is reserved. The public bus station of Beijing Railway South Station is adjacent to the south and north sides of the station room, sunken plaza is built in the north, arrival-departure station of public bus and stop station of taxi are built, and public bus stop is built in the south plaza. The 2nd floor underground is Beijing Metro Line 4, and the 3rd floor underground is Beijing Metro Line 14. Public traffic system
Routes to Beijing Railway South Station:
Routes No.20, No.53, No.63 and No.122   
Routes No.102 electric bus, No.106 electric bus
Routes No.203 night bus, No.208 night bus
Routes No.377, No.381, No.454, No.458, No.485, No.692, No.741, special No.12 Inner Ring/Outer Ring   
Routes No.939, No.943, No.958, No.986 and No.997
Special routes No.3, Yuntong No.102
Metro Lines:
Beijing Metro Line 4   
Beijing Metro Line 14 (to be opened in 2015)
To South Plaza and Public Traffic Hinge of Beijing Railway South Station:
Routes No.529, No.652, No.72, Special No.5, Special No.8 Inner Ring Transit Bus and No.665
To Beijing Railway Station
Take Routes No.20, No.122 and No.692 (World Park public bus station-Beijing Railway Station East) to Beijing Railway Station
To Beijing Railway West Station
Take Route No.72 (Beijing Railway South Station South Plaza-Beijing Railway West Station South Plaza) and No.122 public bus to Beijing Railway West Station South Plaza.
To Beijing Railway North Station

Take Metro Line 4 (Beijing Railway South Station) to “Xizhimen Station”.