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Beijing Nanyueyuan Hotel

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Beijing Nanyueyuan Hotel
Founded in December, 1994, the hotel is a four-star hotel invested and built by Guangdong Branch of China Telecom Co., Ltd. Located at No.86 (southwest of Yuquanying Interchange), with characteristics of convenient traffic, elegant environment, complete facilities, advanced functions, warm and considerate services, and provides overall high-quality services for customers in terms of business, conference, accommodation, catering, gym and entertainment etc.
The hotel provides 198 high and intermediate rooms and 36 commercial and residential apartments, TV sets in the rooms are available for satellite TV, Internet and VOD and wireless network covers the entire hotel, and guests can enjoy convenience and happiness from network.
The hotel provides 15 large and small-sized conference rooms and top-grade image devices, including lecture hall with simultaneous interpretation equipment, which are able to hold international conferences, large-sized banquet, wine party and other business activities.
Two Chinese restaurants and one Western restaurant are provided for catering in the hotel and can accommodate 500 persons. The canteen provides customers with the new Hong Kong-style Guangdong dishes, Sichuan and Shandong dishes and exquisite Western dishes, theme buffet and tea culture etc.
To satisfy modernists’ needs of pursuing greenness and health, the hotel is provided with indoor tennis stadium, badminton stadium, swimming stadium, bowling stadium, indoor simulating golf and laser hunting, table tennis, racket ball, shuffle ball, Britain and American billiards, archery, gym, outdoor rock climbing and other sports, as well as multi-functional halls, chess room and other entertainment facilities.
To provide more considerate services, the hotel includes commodity department, business center, hairdressing and laundry with advanced equipment and other auxiliary items.
The hotel passes ISO9001, ISO14001 and HACCP international standard management system certifications, which lay a foundation for international hotel management. We always take “providing customers with warm, considerate, safe and efficient services” as our service code, and customers can feel comfort, warmth and joy.
Address: No.86, South 3rd Ring West Road, Fengtai District, Beijing City, 100070
Telephone: 58053000
Website: www.nyyhotel.com.cn
Taking bus: bus through South 3rd Ring, and get off at “Yuquanyingqiao West” Station.
Driving: 1. Drive east and west at South 3rd Ring: leave at Yuquanying Interchange, on the auxiliary road towards Wanliu Bridge and turn round under the bridge and 150m southwards.
2. Drive west and east at South 3rd Ring: leave at Wanliu Bridge, drive forwards for 30m on auxiliary roads.

Services: air-conditioning facilities, network facilities, clothes washing, morning call, hairdressing, bar, multi-functional hall, canteen, parking lot, card wiping, currency exchange, gym, coffee bar, facilities for the disabled, entertainment facilities, business center, gift store