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Located hotel

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Located within Fengtai District Fangzhuang Business Circle and on the Qunxing road between South Second Ring Road and South Third Ring Road, the Hot Spring Hotel (the Hot Club Beijing) is a four-star hotel and provides guests with commendable accommodation, catering, hotspring and SPA service. Address: No. 12, Second Zone, Fangxingyuan, Fangzhuang, Fengtai District, Beijing, 100078, China Tel: 67655777 Website: www.regongguan.com Traffic Bus: Take buses Route No. 741, 122, 434, 37, 800, or Te 3, get off at Fangchengyuan (slantwise opposite to Carrefour), walk to the red and green traffic light and then turn right to proceed 200 meters ahead. Self-driving tour: 1.South Second Ring Road: drive southwards to the third crossing to Zuoanmen Bridge, turn right and then proceed 100 meters. 2.South Third Ring Road: drive northwards to the first crossing to Fangzhuang Bridge, turn left and then proceed 100 meters. Facilities and services: air conditioning, internet access, laundry, wake-up call, facial and hair beauty, bar, multifunctional hall, dinning hall, parking lot, ATM and POS machine service, bank service, foreign exchange, body fitness, coffee house, medical facilities (emergency aid room), entertainment facilities, business center, massage center, gift shop.