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Beijing World Park

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Beijing World Park
The national 4A scenic spot is one of the top 10 tourism scenic spots in Beijing, is the park of type 1 and category 1 and is a national model unit for double supports. Located in the southwest of Fengtai District of Beijing City and at No.158, Fengbao Road, Huaxiang, Fengtai District, it is accessible by 4th Ring Road towards south. It is about 16Km away from Tiananmen Square, about 8Km away from Beijing Railway West Station, is one of the large-scale mini theme parks in Asia and was opened on October 25, 1993. The former President of China Jiang Zemin inscribed the name of the park. 
The World Park covers a floor area of 46.7 hectares. The park is an assembly of 119 scenic spots of 50 countries in the world. The layout is designed in accordance with the five continents and the water area is designed in accordance with the four oceans. It is a park with collection of scenic spots in the world, and is a theme park carrying national culture backgrounds of the world.
Scenic spots of the Park are designed based on categories, including 7 famous towers: Pyramid, Eiffel Tower, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Yingxian Wooden Tower, Shwedagon Zedi Daw, Five-storied Pagoda of Japan, Lighthouse of Alexandria; 5 famous bridges: Bosphorus Bridge, Sydney Harbor Bridge, Golden Gate Bridge, London Tower Bridge and Rialto Bridge Venice; famous relics: Notre Dame de Paris, Hagia Sophia, Saint Peter's Basilica, Luxor Temple, Athen Acropolis, Ancient Castle of Germany and Grand Canyon Colorado etc.; famous buildings: Parliament House of London, White House of America, Capitol and Lincoln Memorial, World Trade Center, the Empire State Building, UN Building, Thailand Grand Palace, the Kremlin, Sydney Opera House, Space Center of America, Red Square in Moscow and Arch of Triumph France; famous sculpture (group): the Mogao Grottoes, Indonesia Candi Borobudur, India Shiva, African fauna, Warsaw Mermaid, Don Quixote, Manneke Pis, Statue of Liberty and Maori Totem; stele and columns: Mexico totem column and Washington memorial stele; fairy tales: scenic spots from 24 worlds’ famous fairy tales, such as “the Little Mermaid”, “Snow White”, “Crystal Shoes”, “Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves”, “God’s Lantern”, “Incredible Ink” and “Lilliput”.
The Park is almost built with international streets and international folk streets with functions of catering, shopping and entertainment and with characteristics of exotic styles. The international street is located at the northeast corner of the park, about 200 meters long and covering an area of 15 thousand square meters. It is an architect cluster with European and American styles, including Italy famous store street, Germany Goethe Gourmet Building, Switzerland Lausanne Gift Street to operate food with various flavors, tourism souvenirs and carry out exotic programs. 
Main programs and tourism activities in the Park include: global folk flower parade, original singing and dancing performance (April to November), summer holiday Thailand elephant water-sprinkling festival, 4D dynamic cinema, Thailand elephant and crocodile performance, Japan tea performance, peace pigeon square, appreciation of fancy carp, experience of watching in air with fire balloon and Western Cowboy roller coaster of America, children’s entertainment world, global train, European carriage and lovers’ trolley. Handicraft, souvenirs and catering are available in booth of the Park.
On May 1 and October 1, colorful and vivid “global style” singing and dancing tourism activities are held, and “Asian Folk Garden Party” favored by all the people is organized during the Spring Festival.
Address: No.158, Fengbao Road, Fengtai District, Beijing City
Telephone: 010-83613681 83613685
Website: http://www.beijingworldpark.com.cn/
Business hours: summer: 7:30—17:10; winter 8:00—16:30
Ticket price: 65 yuan/person for adults, 35 yuan/person for students
Taking bus: take special routes No.7 (Qianmen-World Park), No.905 (Summer Palace-World Park), No.937 West Line (Lishi Road-Daxing Dazhuang, via World Park), No.959 (Mentougou-World Park), No.744 (Beijing Railway Station East Street-World Park), No.944 Branch (Dewai-World Park), No.913, No.967, No.981, No.692, No.480, No.451 and No.477, No.977 and No.933 and get off at Majialou Station.

Driving: Kefeng Bridge at 4th Ring Road in the southwest and travel southwards for about 2Km.