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Beijing Garden of World's Flowers

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Beijing Garden of World’s Flower
The Garden of World’s Flower is located in the north of South 4th Ring Road and the east of Jingkai Highway, advantageous geographic locations and convenient traffic conditions. It covers a floor area of 41.8 hectares, is the largest botany in the territory of 4th Ring Road of Beijing City and is awarded the “exquisite park” in 2005. The Park is built aiming to: tour the garden of world’s flowers, take a close look at rare flowers and grasses, rare trees and classic gardens both home and abroad and become a large-sized botany with functions of scenic spot tourism, scientific population and culture and shopping and catering.
The Garden of World’s Flowers is composed of seven greenhouses and fifteen garden parks. The greenhouses are automatically controlled by computer for ventilation, humidification, constant temperature and trickle irrigation and other new techniques to create environment for plant growth, and plants in the greenhouse are various and clustered. In the tropic plant hall, jatropha podagrica, bischofia polycarpa, old banyans and more than 1800 arbors with hundreds of years are exhibited; hundreds of cactus and a kind of cactus with globular) are exhibited in the psammophytes greenhouse; vivid and funny plant zodiac park and exquisite bonsai park are exhibited in the exquisite flowers hall, and electronic touch screen introduce knowledge of flowers from all countries to you; giant pumpkin with weight up to 150Kg is shown in the vegetable and fruit yard with farm and countryside styles; you can appreciate flowers and taste tea in the flowers hall; and tourists are provided with activity space and entertainment projects involving flowers cultivation technique. Outdoor scenes include Baihua Plaza, Versailles Garden, Water Garden, Night Garden, Flowers Plaza, Flowers Valley, Peony Garden and other gardens; exotic Netherland, Russia, Germany and Austria Gardens interweave flowers culture of the world and exquisite garden art technically and harmonically.
The Garden of World’s Flowers build an urban garden full of fashion, green and harmonics with unique flower culture, and brilliant garden scenes too many to see, and we welcome your arrival with our smiling and flowers.
Address: No.235, South 4th Ring Central Road, Fengtai District, Beijing City
Telephone: 010-87500840
Website: http://www.gowf.cn/
Business hours: fall and winter, 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.
Spring and summer: 8:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.
Ticket price: 50 yuan/person for adults, 30 yuan/person for children 
Taking bus: South 4th Ring Road: take routes No.646 and No.377 and get off at the Garden of World’s Flowers Station.
Jingkai Highway: take No.712, No.754, No.410, No. 423, No.434, No.381, No.839, No.937, No.977 and No.993 and get off Majialou Station.