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Opinions of Beijing Fengtai District Government on Comprehensive Policy of Promoting Economic Development in Fengtai

time:2017-08-21   Sources:

        Support Development of Newly Introduced Sized Enterprises

        Provide newly introduced high and new technology, financial service, high level equipment manufacturing, culture creativity, exhibition and tourism and other key industry enterprises and enterprises matching the function orientation of Fengtai District (theoretically newly registered district state-owned enterprises are not included) whose registered capital are no less than 100 million yuan, with 3 years development support fund. The support fund shall be no more than 30% of the comprehensive contribution of the enterprises on regional economy development, industry promotion and employment.

        Combing demands of the newly introduced enterprises, the support fund will be applied in rent subsidy, senior management personnel (president, vice-president, general manager, vice-general manager, chief supervisor, chief accountant, chief economic manager, chief engineer) award, financing guarantee, loan with discounted interest, market equity investment, project subsidy and other methods for supporting the enterprise development.

        According to the actual situation of newly introduced enterprises, take the first year or the second year when the enterprises are introduced as the beginning year for providing the 3 years support.

        Enterprises introduced by intermediary agencies which contribute between 0.5 million yuan (included) and 5 million yuan (not included) to the region at the first fiscal year, 10% of the contribution will be awarded to the enterprises at one time. Enterprises which contribute no less than 5 million yuan (included) to the region at the first fiscal year, 15% of the contribution will be awarded to the enterprises at one time.

        According to the actual demand of the newly introduced enterprises, priority will be provided to the enterprises in government service of land, investment, project and financing. Priority will be provided to enterprises in supporting facilities construction nearby in order to create good environment for production and operation of the enterprises.

        Speed up the implementation of Opinions on Promoting Capital Financial Industry Development, and offer award to newly introduced enterprises at one time. 10 million yuan subsidy will be offered to enterprises with over 1 billion yuan registered capital. 8 million yuan subsidy will be offered to enterprises with registered capital between 0.5 billion yuan and 1 billion yuan. 5 million yuan subsidy will be offered to enterprises with registered capital between 100 million yuan and 500 million yuan. 1000 yuan per meter subsidy will be offered to financial enterprises registered in Beijing for purchasing houses for the enterprises. 50% of the subsidy mentioned above will be provided to the newly introduced financial enterprises which are not included in the scope of municipal policy.

        Strengthen Support for Development of Enterprises in the District

        For enterprises which contribute no less than 10 million yuan (included) to the region annually, enterprises which contribute between 5 million yuan (included) and 10 million yuan (not included) annually, when the annual contribution growth range reached the top 100 among all the enterprises in the district (real-estate enterprises and wholesale markets are not included), 2%-5% of the contribution will be offered to senior management personnel of those enterprises. For enterprises operating in other districts but paying taxes to Fengtai District, the awarded could be increased accordingly which shall be no more than 10% of the contribution of the enterprises to the district.

        To enterprises which are planning for listing, subsidy will be offered. After the enterprises finish reformation to incorporated enterprises, 0.5 million yuan subsidy will be awarded. After pre-listing tutoring is finished, 1 million yuan subsidy will be awarded. To enterprises which issue shares for the first time, 2 million yuan subsidy will be awarded.

        Commercial real estate economy development will be supported. To buildings (self-use buildings not included) of settled enterprises which contributed more than 10 million yuan to the region annually, no more than 2% of the contribution will be awarded to the units which operate or own the property of the buildings for supporting facilities and service environment construction of the building.

        Award will not be repeatedly offered to the enterprises which have been included as the targets of sized enterprise fund support.

        Build New Layout of Scientific and Cultural Innovation

        Encourage enterprises in implementing innovation activities, take advantage of scientific and small and medium size enterprise loan guarantee fund and Fengtai District high-integrity enterprise guarantee fund and provide priority to new high-tech enterprises scientific research activities in loan guarantee and interest subsidy. Establish scientific enterprise special funds for guarantee risk compensation, Provide guarantee compensation for enterprise key scientific project research expenditure financing. Compensation ratio shall be no more than 40% of guaranteed amount.

        Actively apply for national and municipal fund support on enterprise technical innovation and provide supporting to key industrial directions. Provide loan with discounted interest to 10 Counties, 100 Villages, 1000 Talents Project key cultivated enterprises, Gazelle Plan key cultivated enterprises and regional key innovation enterprises in technical innovation projects of a certain level and scale. Discount ratio shall be 50% of loan interest of bank base rate at current period. Discount amount shall be no more than 1 million yuan.

        Support enterprises in constructing national key laboratories, national engineering technology research centers, municipal enterprise engineering technology centers and engineering research and development centers. For technical centers or research and development centers of enterprises whose continuous 2 years research and development investment reach over 10% of their total value of out-put, 30% subsidy of newly increased research and development investment of last year will be awarded which shall be no more than 1 million yuan. Provide award at one time to authorized or newly introduced enterprise technical centers (1.5 million yuan for national level enterprise technical centers, 0.5 million yuan for municipal level enterprise technical centers).

        Encourage enterprises in developing capability of independent innovation. For enterprises acquired national scientific innovation awards, 0.1 million yuan will be awarded at one time. For enterprises acquired Beijing scientific innovation awards, 50 thousand yuan will be awarded at one time. Provide major responsible units with awards for creating standards. Provide award of 0.5 million yuan for creating international standards. Provide award of 0.3 million yuan for creating national standards. Provide award of 0.2 million yuan for creating industrial standards and Beijing local standards. Provide 50 thousand yuan award at one time for acquiring municipal patent promotion fund.

        Support scientific enterprise incubator construction. According to Fengtai District Scientific Enterprise Incubator Identification Methods, district level scientific enterprise incubators identified by District Science and Technology Commission, 50% annual contribution of incubated enterprises and 5% annual contribution of settled high-tech enterprises will be awarded to incubator establishing units for supporting incubator construction and incubated enterprises scientific innovation.

        Establish Fengtai District cultural creativity industrial public service platform and provide policy consultation, entrepreneurship guidance and other services.

        Strengthen the implementation the policy of promoting cultural creativity industry development in Beijing. For newly established cultural creativity enterprises in Fengtai Science Park which are identified as new high-tech enterprises, two years of corporate income tax will not be charged since their profit-making year. 2 years later, the tax will be charged with 15% discount.

        Extend government purchase scope on science and culture innovation product and service. Government institutions, public institutions and social communities which are involved in the budget management of the district have to provide priority in purchasing independently innovative products and service provided by enterprises within the district.

        Promote Urban-rural Economic Integration Development

        Strengthen support of Fengtai District industrial development guidance fund on rural area economic structure adjustment and encourage industrial innovation and reformation, special streets building and key industrial projects construction in rural areas.

        Support rural collective economic enterprises in listing financing. Basing on providing listing financing subsidy, provide listing cost subsidy to the enterprises according to 50% of their contribution to the region of continuous two years after entering tutoring period.

        Enhance guidance and control in investment investing construction projects, land using and authorization, prohibit authorizing building any commodity trade markets, warehouse and other construction projects. According to Opinion on Heavy Pollution, High Energy Consuming and High Water Consuming Industrial Enterprises Speeds up Withdrawing from Beijing, prohibit authorizing building heavy pollution, high energy consuming and high water consuming industrial enterprises. Prohibit towns and villages in introducing manufacturing enterprises which don’t match the city industrial development requirement.

        Strengthen Support in Introducing Talents

        Formulate Fengtai talent introduction service specific policy, support introducing senior technical and management talents required by regional economic development, provide priority to scientific, financial and cultural creativity enterprises in introducing required talents, provide priority to top 100 contribution enterprises in introducing required talents and provide priority to enterprises which acquired national and municipal scientific innovation award in introducing required talents.

        Build and raise public rental housing and talent apartments around Lize Financial Business District, Fengtai Science Park and other key function districts. Priority will be provided to talents from top 100 contribution enterprises for satisfying their living demand.