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Beijing introduced new tax policies lease rental tax individuals from low

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City personal rental housing tax introduced a new policy in the future by living taxpayers can choose the rate and the hours have been assessed as a means of tax paying taxes, the tax authorities will be levied from the low.city government rent sector announced that the "individual rental housing tax collection method," have to make adjustments. The revised "personal rental housing tax collection method," provides that the payment of individual taxpayers in the rental housing tax, or can choose to sub-sites rate tax been assessed in any way of paying taxes. Tax rate by patients is only 5% of rental housing in a single tax rate, not a separate collection of personal income tax; Sub-taxes have been assessed by means of tax, in accordance with property tax, land use tax, business tax, city maintenance building tax, tax surcharge for education, respectively, calculated after aggregation, and the taxpayers have to pay personal income tax. government rent departments concerned explained that since the amount and purposes of rental housing vary, in different ways, accounting for the tax may be different. Therefore, taxpayers in tax by the previous best first tax department for tax in different ways, and then choose the amount of taxes means less tax. Government rent sector will be low day, Fengtai to secure announced that the department has specialized in the development of a tax calculation software will be installed this week to the web site to facilitate taxpayers to calculate tax.
In addition, government rent sector added that on January 1 this year after the bombing and a separate tax rate of personal income tax to pay taxpayers can now request government rent organs personal income tax return.returned within a period of income tax payable future workers, which must pay income obtained during the personal income tax. This is our land tax department yesterday disclosed information.refers to the period within which workers handling internal Tuiyang statutory procedures to retired age between sessions. related to the Inland Revenue Department heads explained that, in accordance with state regulations, wage workers retired from personal income tax. But now a growing number of internal Tuiyang workers,the wages of these people, whether a retired wage bonuses have become concerns. Sat make clear explanation for the introduction of internal Tuiyang individuals within its income from period to be achieved by the merger of all personal income tax.
Furthermore, if individuals in the handling of such procedures from the original unit to serve one-time revenue will be returned within a month period all average, calculated monthly filing separate tax.