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Friendship between China and Japan Promoted in Flourishing Summer of July

time:2017-08-21   Sources:

        From July 13th, 2017 to July 18th, 2017, as Katsushika-ku Government of Japan invited, a delegation formed by 26 teachers and students of Fengtai Children’s Palace art troupe paid a 6 days visit to Japan for China-Japan culture communication. The visit drew high attention of Katsushika-ku Government and the delegation was warmly welcomed.

        The delegation visited Kiyoka Primary School of Katsushika-ku and implement culture communication activities with teachers and students of the school. Students of Kiyoka Primary School welcomed the delegation with beautiful singing. The delegation performed traditional dancing and martial arts in order to let the teachers and students from Kiyoka Primary School feel the charm of Chinese culture more directly. In the following culture communication activities, the delegation joined the classes and introduced the Chinese paper cutting, dough modeling, New Year paintings and printmaking to teachers and students of the school. Students of Kiyoka Primary School enjoyed the activities a lot and hoped to go to China for further study.

        During the communication activities, the delegation promoted the Chinese traditional culture, developed the culture communication between China and Japan, strengthened the friendly relationship between both sides and wrote a new chapter of the friendly exchange between Fengtai District and Katsushika-ku.