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Delegation of Hong Kong International Youth Development Association Visited Fengtai District

time:2017-08-21   Sources:

        In the afternoon on May, 14th, delegation of 13 members of Hong Kong International Youth Development Association led by honorary president of International Youth Development Association, president of United World Chinese Association, honorary president of International Basketball Association Mr. Cheng Wanqi visited Fengtai District. District mayor Ji Yan, deputy district mayor Zhang Jie and District Political Consultative vice president Xi Lianyu welcomed the delegation.

        With the company of district mayor Ji Yan, the delegation visited Garden Expo Park and listened to the general situation and development concept of the park. The delegation also visited Brocade Valley, Beijing Garden and Jiangsu Garden, and spoke highly of the Chinese garden architecture and design. After the visit, the delegation had an informal discussion with leaders of Fengtai Government and relative departments. Firstly, on behalf of the district government, district mayor Ji Yan warmly welcomed the delegation and introduced the district situation and development situation of Fengtai District. Delegation leader Mr. Cheng Wanqi expressed his sincere thanks for the warm welcome of Fengtai District Government and spoke highly of the environment quality of Garden Expo Park. It was hoped by Mr. Chen Wanqi that the communication and cooperation with Fengtai District could be strengthened in order to develop international influence and promote international teenager cultural communication. Honorary president and Beijing representative of International Youth Development Association Ms Zhang Yan introduced the objective of the association, which is to develop the association into the largest non-profit youth service organization and a diversified international platform for close communication and cooperation among teenagers and providing professional service for teenagers. President of International Youth Development Association, vice president of United World Chinese Association Mr. Chen Minjun introduced the history and activities of the association and expressed the hope to cooperate with Fengtai Garden Expo Park in the future and build an activity platform for Chinese traditional cultural communication and cooperation among teenagers from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan (International) and mainland. Other members of the delegation also expressed their hope in cooperating with Fengtai Garden Expo Park. At end of the discussion, district mayor Ji Yan expressed his thanks for the concern of the delegation on development of Fengtai District. It was expressed by district major Ji Yan that Fengtai District was willing to build communication and coordination mechanism, strengthen communication and cooperation with International Youth Development Association, and the delegation was welcomed to visit Fengtai District again.