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Fengtai No.1 Primary School VEX-IQ Robot Community Attended World Championship in America

time:2017-08-21   Sources:

        From April 23rd, 2017 to April 25th, 2017, 2016-2017 Season VEX Robot World Championship was held in Kentucky Exposition Center of Louisville in Kentucky State of United States of America. Through election of Beijing Open Championship and China Open Championship, 6 grade 3 primary school students from Fengtai No.1 Primary School won the all-around award in Asian Open Championship and finally acquired the qualification for participating in the World Championship.

        260 teams from primary schools of all over the world were divided into 4 competition areas for election. In the competition area of Fengtai No.1 Primary School team, there were totally 63 teams. In the team competition, Fengtai No.1 Primary School team successfully won the top 20 award, entered the area final competition and finally won the 10th award. In the skill competition, the team won the 8th award of the championship.

        Among all the teams during the championship, the team members of Fengtai No.1 Primary School are the youngest. However, during the tactical communication and strategy arrangement with other teams, the Fengtai team members united together, cooperated with each other, successfully fulfilled their tasks and built friendship with robot fans from all over the world. Meanwhile, the team members’ abilities in English language, finding and solving problems, science and technology research and practice, comprehensive scientific literacy and psychological quality have been greatly improved.