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Cultural Counselor of Embassy of Hungary in China Visited Fengtai District

time:2017-08-21   Sources:

        On March 14th, with the company of vice president of Beijing People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries Su Bensheng, cultural counselor of Embassy of Hungary in China, director of Hungary Culture Communication Center Ms Song Niya visited Fengtai Children’s Palace and Fengtai No.5 Primary School. Director of Fengtai Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office Liang Yanmei accompanied the visit.

        The visit mission listened to the general development situation and introductions of various special activities at Fengtai Children’s Palace, visited the fine-art class---Beijing workshop and all artisan workshop and spoke highly of the Chinese traditional dough modeling, watched the activities prepared by kids from Children’s Art Department, singing Happy Kids Love Singing, Chinese traditional martial arts Kung Fu Kids, dancing Green Pound, Baby Growing up and Dream. The visit mission also watched the literature class teaching. At the end of the visit, both sides had an informal discussion and reached a primary cooperative intention in teenager culture and art communication between two countries. It was decided that at end of May of this year, Hungary teenager delegation would visit Fengtai Children’s Palace and implement culture communication activities.

        The visit mission watched the performance of wind band and chorus in Fengtai No.5 Primary School. During the discussion, both sides reached cooperative intention in building friendly relationship between schools and promoting friendly communication between teenagers from both countries. The visit will build a friendly bridge and promote the culture communication between teenagers from China and Hungary.