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2016 Beijing International Triathlon Ended Successfully in Fengtai District

time:2016-10-08   Sources:

        In September 11th, the 2016 Beijing International Triathlon ended successfully in Garden Expo of Fengtai. Alistair Brownlee, the champion of men’s triathlon in Rio Olympic Games. Joe Maloy and Cameron won the second place and third place of men’s race. Holly Lawrence, Ashleigh Gentle and Barbara Riveros won the champion, second place and third place of women’s race.

        Since the Beijing International Triathlon was held in Fengtai District in 2012, with the mutual effort from relative departments and partner IMG Company, the match has become a brand event. On the aspect of qualification, in the year of 2016, Beijing International Triathlon was upgraded to a B level event which had been approved by China Triathlon Association. On the aspect of scale, the number of participants grew from 272 in 2012 to 1800 in 2016. On the aspect of level, besides the champion of men’s match Eric Gallagher and the champion of women’s match Lauren Kose, the event also invited Alistair Brownlee, the champion of men’s triathlon in Rio Olympic Games, Joe Maloy and other world famous athletes.

        Taking the city scenery as the background, the landscape along the track of Beijing International Triathlon is fascinating and attractive which has been praised as one of the most beautiful triathlon tract. This year, the participants were still racing on the tract. The swimming and running parts were held in the garden expo. “Athletes swim and birds fly” was the most impressive view during the match. The bicycle race was held on the flat city road outside the garden expo.