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“The Most Beautiful One Meter Scenery” ——“Big World, Consular Protection”

time:2016-10-08   Sources:


First Simulated Outboard Parent-Child Tour Was Successfully Held in World Park of Fengtai District

        On August 13th, the simulated outboard parent-child tour “the most beautiful one meter scenery——big world, consular protection” was held in world park of Fengtai District, which was sponsored by world park and co-organized by foreign fairs office of Fengtai District and other departments.

        The activity this time adopted a new method of simulated outboard tour combining the knowledge of cultural touring and consular protection, which was not only the first trial in Beijing in promoting cultural touring together with consular protection, but also in the whole country.

        The activity was held in the “tour around the world in China” world park so that the families participated in the activity could understand and learn the cultures and customs of the world, enjoy the 109 interesting places from over 40 countries and experience the simulated various emergencies abroad such as passport missing and robbery. During the activity, some vivid cases were provided in order to enable the participated families recognize the importance of cultural touring and safe touring and increase their sense of cultural touring and risk prevention.