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Municipality Delegation from Tokyo Prefecture of Japan Visited Fengtai District

time:2016-10-08   Sources:

        On August 10th, the municipality delegation led by Nakatomo takaki, the mayor of Chōfu City from Tokyo prefecture of Japan paid friendly visit to Fengtai District during their stay in China. District major Ji Yan welcomed the delegation.

        This visit was a communication activity between Beijing and Tokyo with the participants of government leaders from 7 districts, cities and towns of Tokyo. District major of Fengtai Ji Yan used to visit Japan as leader of the government delegation of Beijing in 2015.During the visit of the delegation, Fengtai District prepared official communication activities. The delegation visited Fengtai City Planning Exhibition Center and Automobile Exhibition Center, watched integrated planning sand table of Fengtai District with the company of district major Ji Yan and launched deep discussion in economy, culture, education and other fields in order to lay the foundation for deeper communication and cooperation in the future.