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2015 Beijing International Triathlon Was Completed Successfully in Fengtai

time:2015-10-22   Sources:


        On September 19th, 2015 Half Triathlon was held in Fengtai Garden Show Park. On September 20th, 2015 Beijing International Triathlon was completed successfully in Garden Show Park. Renowned as one of the races of “Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon”, this match has been held in Fengtai for 4 successive years and 1600 participants from 23 countries attended the match. Finally, participant Eric from America won the champion of men group and participant Gos from America won the champion of women group. 

        Beijing International Triathlon is formed by swimming, cycling and running. The starting line and finishing line are all set inside the Garden Show Park representing the perfect combination between garden art and triathlon. Praised as the “most beautiful racing track” by participants, the racing track in Garden Show Park shows not only the beautiful scenery but also the art history of Fengtai District. James, organizer of the match and senior vice president of American International Management Group also said that this is one of the most beautiful triathlon tracks in the world.