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One axis, two belts and four zones

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    During the “Twelfth-Five-Year Plan” Period, Fengtai District is devoted to building the development layout of “one axis, two belts and four zones”. The “one axis” refers to the high-end central business district in the south central axis; the “two belts” refers to the urban industrial development belt and Yongding River ecofriendly and ecological development belt in the 3rd and 4th Ring Road; and the “four zones” refers to Beijing Lize Financial Business District, Fengtai Science& Technology Park of Zhongguan Village, Fashion and Innovation Industry Assembly Zone of Dahongmen and Qinglong Lake-Changxindian conference exhibition tourism and ecology tourism zone. The “one axis, two belts and four zones” are space carrier for Fengtai District to unify industrial layout, yield industrial characteristics, play assembling function for high-end industries in key functional zones, reinforce intrinsic power of economic development, improving economic development quality and benefits.

    “One axis”: south central high-end business district-the strategy center for Beijing towards the future, leading innovation and magnificent expansion, speeding up traditional culture with axial space expansion and fusion development of fashionable culture in urban area and becoming a “high-end business development axis” with assembled elements, vivid characters and perfect functions.

    Two belts-urban development belt in 3rd and 4th Ring Roads-Lize Financial Business District, Fengtai Park of Zhongguan Village and Dahongmen Fashion and Innovation Industrial Assembly Zone and other key functional zones have been assembled; Beijing West Station, Beijing South Station, Puhuangyu and other key economic circles are located in the area with extreme combination of productive service industry and living service industry, and form an urban industry economic belt around Beijing City.

    Yongding River Green and Ecofriendly Development Belt-based on ecology, backed by culture and supported by project, it accommodates science& technology service, business service, culture innovation and ecological leisure and other high-end industrial projects, and creates the Yongding River ecological development zone featuring rich connotation, high-end business forms and suitable for living, working and tourism.

    Four zones: Beijing Lize Financial Business District-the new space for financial development in the capital and the assembly zone for emerging financial institutions are the “third pole” for financial industrial development of Beijing after the finance street and CBD to develop financial information, financial innovation, financial culture and financial service industry and inherit the planning concept of “three-dimensional traffic network, information express highway, ecological business district and financial city without darkness”.

    Fengtai Science& Technology Park of Zhongguan Village-as one of the earliest zones and three parks of self-supported national innovative demonstration park of Zhongguan Village, it acts as a key base for hi-tech industry in Beijing City, the demonstration area of famous headquarters economic development and will develop four featuring industries like rail traffic, emergency rescue, fusion of military and civil services, energy conservation and environmental protection.

    Dahongmen Fashion and Innovation Industry Assembly Area-the municipal culture business industry assembly area, develop innovation design, information release, clothes art, exhibition, pioneering experience, cultural performance and other programs, and build up a core business district of the capital of fashions in Beijing City.

    Qinglong Lake-Changxindian conference exhibition tourism and ecological leisure zone-with the Garden Expo, the World Seed Conference and Qinglong Lake International Culture Capital as opportunities, build a high-end conference brand and the capital ecology leisure and tourism demonstration zone with conference exhibition, product R& D, tourism sightseeing, business leisure and other functions.