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Comparative Advantages of Investing in Fengtai District

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Fengtai District has a long history. Its people have contributed to the development of Chinese civilization with profound cultural achieveme nts.
As part of its cultural legacy, Fengtai District is home to the Dabaotai Han Tomb, Jinzhongdu Ancient City Relic, the Marco Polo Bridge, Lotus Pond, and other less known sites.
Thanks to its location, Fengtai has very convenient transportation. Portions of Beijing's Second, Third, Forth and Fifth ring roads cross the district, which has long been an important hinge of land transportation and is famed for being the "capital's onshore dock." Fengtai District has more expressways and national highways than other Beijing urban or suburban districts. Jingshi, Jingkai and Jingjintang expressways all begin in Fengtai. Five of 11 national highways stretching out from Beijing, the 103, 104, 105, 106, and 107 highways, originate in Fengtai.
Fengtai District also has a comprehensive railway network featuring the most passenger/cargo stations in the city with the Beijing-Jiulong, Beijing-Guangzhou, Beijing- Shanghai, Beijing-Taiyuan and Fengtai-Shacheng railways. Beijing West Railway Station (the largest railway station in Asia) and the Fengtai Railway Station are located in Fengtai, making Fengtai the busiest transportation area in Beijing.
Nanyuan Airport, located south of Beijing, serves 47 fixed airlines that fly to 26 domestic cities.
In addition, Fengtai has abundant, qualified human resources and abundant space for new development. Fengtai District is gifted with brainpower stemming from its more than 60 central- or municipal-level research institutes and at least 70,000 professionals gifted in the areas of space, aviation, metallurgy, food industry and military research. It serves as a major resource for Chinas high-tech industry.
There are 119 sq. km of land in Fengtai available for development. Thirty-six percent of this land is planned urban exploitable land, which can provide great growth potential and business opportunities.
The district has improved its environment and has extensive living and working facilities. Fengtai is becoming a superior urban environment, making Fengtai a comfortable and convenient place to live and work. Over 100 new communities have been built during the last decade, including the renowned Fangzhuang Community, Yihai Garden, Dijing Garden, Lianri Garden. Fengtai also has comprehensive business facilities and services, such as its Advanced Business Park, Lize Business District and many logistical zones.
To improve its environment, Fengtai is cleaning up its rivers and engaging in extensive landscaping. Fengtai aspires to be a heaven of blue skies, green land, and clean rivers that is pleasant to work and live in.