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  Fengtai Profiles

    Fengtai is located in the southwest of Beijing City, under the jurisdiction area of 304.87 square kilometers, in six areas of the city ranks third, the surrounding 8 adjacent area. East of Chaoyang District, north of Dongcheng District, Xicheng District, Haidian District and Shijingshan District, northwest of Mentougou District, southwest and southeast to Fangshan District and Daxing District. District Government in the town of Fengtai Road No. 2, straight 12 kilometers away from Tiananmen. The region is narrow in shape, the westernmost town thousands of Lingshan to the easternmost of the four Dao Kou Cun Nanyuan Xiang, a distance of 35 km north-south width 14 km. Yongding River from north to south by Shijingshan flows through this area entered Daxing District, about 15 km long river, Fengtai will be divided into two parts. Low - lying West High East, plain accounted for 4 / 5, northwest the Taihang Mountain in Shandong, the formation of low mountains and hills and tableland, the main peak of thousands of Lingshan 697 meters above sea level, is the region the highest point; the eastern pluvial alluvial fan plain, elevation 35 meters to 50 meters department.

   The sixth national census in 2010 data show, the resident population of 2112000 people, of which come from other provinces city of 813000 people, accounting for 38.5% of the resident population. The resident population sex ratio is 104.3, 15-64 year old population ratio reached 82.4%, up 96.6% of Han population. The resident population of more than 150000 people in the area are Dahongmen street, Lugou Bridge street, Lugou Bridge Township and village streets.

(as of 2010 data)