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Characteristic Catering Street

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Characteristic Catering Street
-Fangzhuang Characteristic Catering Street, Demonstrating Charm of Food
    Fangzhuang Catering Street is located at Fengtai, lies at South 3rd Ring which is a key emerging area, and has become one of several catering streets in Beijing City with rapid development in the past several years. Facilities of Fangzhuang Catering Street are complete with broad streets and large store area, the canteen grade and catering atmosphere are well, and dish system is complete and diverse. Flavoring foods like Chinese dishes, Western dishes and other areas are available here. Busy working starts at 11:00 in the noon.
    National extra-grade restaurant Shunfeng Seafood Restaurant operating Guangdong dishes and seafood; Daqinghua operating flavors of Manchou; Great Nature Northeast Restaurant operating flavors of Northeast China; Douyichu operating flavors of Beijing and Shandong; National extra-grade Golden Great Mountain Chongqing Restaurant operating Chongqing dishes; dozens of catering stores and catering streets with different flavors echo each other at a distance to weave Fangzhuang’s catering network with many highlights.


Wanfeng characteristic catering street
---56 ethnic groups’ characteristic catering gather here
    “Only the ethnic groups’ are the world’s”. China is a large country with assembly of 56 ethnic groups and has profound catering culture deposits. The Chinese national catering culture is always leading in the orient of the world with unique charm of magnificence and depth. Wanfeng Snack is a collection of 56 ethnic groups’ national catering culture and stage art, combines the ethnic groups’ unique catering culture and builds a catering culture brand truly belonging to China with the unprecedented traditional folk culture positioning. Wanfeng Snack is located at Wanfang characteristic catering street of Lize business circle of Fengtai District with business area of 16000 square meters to accommodate 3000 persons to have meal and Chinese style wedding ceremony with capacity of 1000 persons. It combines 56 ethnic groups’ hundreds of traditional famous and excellent gourmets, collects hundreds of snacks and gathers many characteristics of ethnic groups, which are ever-recorded assembly of snacks in China.
    Simple and unsophisticated pure Chinese style decoration and divided into three floors up and down:
    The 1st floor is separated by inner rooms, where you can enjoy national snacks, and each store gives brilliance of snack art; while enjoying gourmets, you are accompanied by “Wanfeng Stage”, and near one hundred of excellent operas from 56 ethnic groups are on stage alternatively.
    The 2nd floor is palace cuisine zone, each of which makes you tasteful, and featuring national address yields unusual brilliant results.
    The 3rd floor is a folk customs museum, which is the first one in China, and many aging objects are shown to people for the first time, a collection of spiritual wealth and material wealth produced by the people in history and you can enjoy in the palace of the Chinese national folk customs. To conclude, eating is not a simple thing in Wanfeng.
    Wanfeng Snack will be review on history, understanding of Chinese nations and sensing of traditional Chinese culture by the people, and we will show Beijing and China to the world as the “hinge of Eastern and Western cultures”.
Address: “Wanfeng Snack”, No.306, Wanfeng Road, Fengtai District
Route: Metro Line 1, get off at Wanshou Road, way-out D, transfer to Line 77, Line 451, Yuzhuangzi Station
Metro Line 2, get off at Changchun Street, way-out A2, transfer to Line 477, Yuzhuangzi Station
    Liuliqiao, 2nd Ring Main Road, to the east, Way-out Wanfeng Road, get off at Xiaojingqiao, 600 meters southwards, then eastward, Wanfeng Snack Town