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Classical Gourmets

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Unit B, China Construction No.1 Bureau Mansion, No.52, West 4th Ring South Road, Fengtai District,
Take routes No.335, No.702 and No.736 routes and get off at Fengtai Intersection Station
83982218   Hu’nan Dishes
Luxurious and comfortable canteen decoration, superior compartment facilities, especially sound effects match professional KTV. You enjoy comfort but not exaggerated here, and the service is “polite but not inferior”. Flavors are quite well, and it is a good choice for your entertainment.
Angel Restaurant
1-3F, Yashi Mansion, Western Railway Station Plaza, Fengtai District
Take routes No.613, No.715 and No.822 and get off at Lianhuachi Station
83993099   Jiangxi Dishes
Enjoy the best Jiangxi Dishes here, and meet those who are customized to spicy foods. When you order dishes, you can do like shopping in supermarkets. The store sometimes launches “30% discount”, and gives the most benefits.
No.1, A, Zone 1, Fangcheng Park, Fangzhuang, Fengtai District
Take routes No.37, No.51 and No.754 and get off at Zuoanmen Station
67621389 Various seafood
Seafood is complete here with best flavors, although prices are not low, and frequent customs are entitled to discount. The special-price seafood at the price of 1 yuan/piece is a good trial. Service here is considerate, and is suitable for entertaining guests and friends.
Meizhou Dongpo Restaurant
No.5 Building, Zone 1, Caoqiaoxin Park, Fengtai District
Take special routes No.6 and No.803 and get off at Caoqiaoxin Park Station
87583620   Sichuan Dishes
This is an attentive Sichuan-style Restaurant, and operates snacks and official meal, idiomatic and exquisite and low price; and food from the hometown of Dongpo is also original and can only be found here with special flavors. The store engages in keeping dish quality, innovates continuously and always keeps fresh.
Xiaotudou Gourmet
No.12, A, Fangcheng Park Road, Fangzhuang, Fengtai District
Take special routes No.8, No.300 and No.730 Inner Ring Road, and get off at Fangzhuang Station
67621111      Northeast China Dishes
The Northeast China Dishes by Xiaotudi are delivered in large volume with dense flavors, namely “eat in large, and drink more”. Warm services and busy atmosphere provide a good place to go.
Jiutouniao Restaurant
No.10 Yard, Wujiacun Road, Fengtai District
Take routes No.1, No.68 and No.845 and get off at Wujiacun Station
63486050    Hubei-style Dishes
Original dishes of Hubei styles are popularized. The dishes are exquisite, and ate well, and lotus root stewed with ribs is the best one. With a large volume of dishes and proper prices, its performance price ratio is too high. No compartment is charged, and reservations in advance is recommended.
Qin’s Fragrant Spicy Crab
No.9 Building, Zone 2, Fangxing Park, Fangzhuang, Fengtai District
Take special routes No.3, No.122 and No.807 and get off at Fangzhuang Station
67619110    Sichuan Dishes
“Fat, fresh, fragrant and spicy” crabs, delicious instant-boil slices and take-away pot deposit make you feel always be here. 
Xibei Youmian Village
No.10, Beili, Liuliqiao, Fengtai District
Take routes No.38, No.323 and No.702 and get off at Beili Station of Liuliqiao
63317888    Northwest and North of Shaanxi Province Flavors
Dishes and environment are characteristics, with flavors of Northwest China, mutton and cooked wheaten food is dominant, and service is also nice. You can cook in the kitchen and experience feeling home.
Guolin’s Home Cooking
1F, Wangyuan Mansion, No.56, West 4th Ring South Road, Fengtai District
Take routes No.335 and No.967 and get off at Fengtai Intersection Station
63830414    Beijing-style Dishes, home cooking dishes
It provides dishes famous in ancient and modern times, and home and abroad, and the “home cooking” flavor is nice. With a large volume of dishes and low prices, having foods with others, you can be appetite and busy. Come here if you feel hungry.
Fuhua Beef Fat
No.36, Dongda Street, Fengtai District
Take routes No.612 and No.757 and get off at Dongda Street Station
63839882     Hotpot
It is an excellent beef fat hotpot with many branch stores now. Flavors are almost the same and business is very well. Beef is taken from their own raised cow to assure quality. A small hotpot is given to each person, sanitary and convenient; seasoning is fragrant, and flavors are complete, and discount is available frequently in a year.
Quanjude Peking Roast Duck Fangzhuang Store
Take special routes No.3, No.122 and No.812 and get off at Fangzhuang Station
67602008      Peking Roast Duck
Roast duck produced by a restaurant famous home and abroad for more than one hundred years is burns outside and tender inside, whose fragrance is left among your teeth. The cook performs “duck slicing” before customers, with characteristics of catering culture. The business here is quite well, including many foreign friends. When traveling in Beijing, it is a must to have Quanjuke roast duck.
Beipinglou Restaurant
No.17, Nanli, Liuliqiao, Fengtai District
Take routes No.300, No.323 and No.944 and get off at Xiju Station
63809523   Home cooking dishes, snacks and cooked wheaten food
A restaurant with sufficient Beijing flavors, complete characteristic snacks, typical traditional flavors, long bench, square tale and servants with short gown and trowel, and all of them are provided with the style of Beijing. Although there is a little noisy, which is just a style.
No.1-2, Pufang Road, Fangzhuang, Fengtai District
Take special routes No.3, No.300 and No.803 and get off at Fangzhuang Station
67688275   Characteristics dishes and characteristics dumplings
Daqinghua is a restaurant operating original dishes of Manchou, and many dishes are from a format banquet. The most characteristic one is Daqinghua dumplings, giving many materials and thick flavors, fresh and fragrant, and is much favored by customers.
Great Nature Northeast Restaurant
No.14, Zone 3, Fangcheng Park, Fangzhuang, Fengtai District
Take special routes No.3, No.122 and No.807 and get off at Fangzhuang Station
67648788    Northeast China Dishes
It operates typical Northeast China dishes, giving heavy dishes and large volumes, and is suitable for friends gathering.
Gang’s Guangzhou Seafood Restaurant
East Street, Caihuying, Fengtai District
Take routes No.410, No.732 and No.732 branch and get off at Caihuying South Station
63456666   Seafood

It is a good place to have seafood, and hundreds of seafood are provided on request. “Braised sauce grilling and broiling” is a feature here. Its business is very hot. You can see 2 small pools after entering the hall, small lobsters in one pool, and fish in the other pool, for your fishing.