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In 2015, income of the citizen in Fengtai District increased stably

time:2016-03-28   Sources:

        According to the sampling survey on income and expense and living condition of citizens in Fengtai District, in 2015, per capita disposable income reached 47127 yuan with an increase of 8.4%. The increase speed was 0.5% lower than the speed of Beijing Municipality, occupying the 6th among all the districts. The per capital annual expenditure on consumption reached 34240 yuan with an increase of 9.2%.
        1.Wage Income Occupied the Leading Position with An Increase of 2.4%
        Per capita income of citizens in Fengtai District reached 26941 yuan occupying a leading position of 57.2% in disposable income. Wage income increased 2.4%. The major factors of the increase were as follows. Firstly, the government kept on increasing the minimum wage standard this year. The increase of enterprise employees’ wages led to a 5.3% increase of monthly wages. Secondly, the wage reform of government agencies and wage structural adjustment of municipal and district administrative institutions led to a 56.8% increase of retroactive wage. However, due to the decrease of wage standard, allowance, festival bonus and employee benefit in government institutions and enterprises, the proportion of allowance and employee benefit deceased 25.2% and 20.6% .
        II.Transferring Net Income Increased Stably
        In 2015, per capita transferring net income reached 11534 yuan with an increase of 22.4%. Per capita pension increased 18.6%. The increase of pension was mainly affected by two political factors. First factor was that Beijing kept on increasing pension of enterprise retirees, basic endowment insurance pension and social security pension of urban and rural residents. The second factor was that the pension of government agency retirees increased around 10%.
        III.Net Property Income Increased Rapidly
        In 2015, per capita net property income reached 7529 yuan with an increase of 11.8%. The increase was mainly affected by the following two factors. The first factor was that with stable increase of citizens’ income and development of investment channels, the investment awareness of citizens were continuously growing. More citizens started to buy finance products of stable profit, which drew a 200% increase in interest income. The second factor was that due to the recovery of real estate market and increase of rental, the rental income increased 10.9%.
        IV.Operating Net Income Increasing Amplitude Decreased
        In 2015, per capita net operating income of Fengtai District reached 1123 yuan with an increase of 11.7%. The increasing amplitude of the whole year is a bit lower comparing to the 41.4% of the first half year and 49.9% of the third quarter. The net income increase amplitude was affected by the transferring of the Dahongmen market and adjustment and upgrading of Xinfadi whole sale market which led to the decrease of transaction volume.