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Monthly Report on Operation of Fengtai Science and Technology Park for Jan.-Mar. 2015

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        From January to March, 563 enterprises above designated size in the Fengtai Science and Technology Park record the total revenue of 73.9bn yuan, up by 18% YoY, or 17.9 percentage points higher than the previous year, including 5.67bn yuan of income from technologies, down by 3.9%; in addition, they post the sales revenue of 13.82 bn yuan, increasing by 4.3%.
        During the same period, the Fengtai Science and Technology Park records the total industrial output value of 4.54bn yuan, up by 2.9% YoY, including 1.85bn yuan of new product output, decreasing by 14%. Furthermore, they record the total export of 140 mn US dollars, down by 29% and the total profit of 1.45bn yuan, increasing by 225.2%.

                                                             Apr. 30, 2015