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Jan. ~ Dec., 2014 - Monthly Report for Investment on the Social Fixes Assets in Fengtai District

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        In Jan. ~ Dec., RMB 81.23 bn was invested on the social fixed assets in Fengtai District, up by 8% YoY. Compared with the same period of last year, the increasing speed was decreased by 5.9 percent points. Specifically, RMB 40.81 bn, RMB 37.79 bn and RMB 2.63 bn were invested in rural (except for real estate development), real estate development and the rural fixed assets, up by 42.6%, down by 14.9% and up by 21.4% YoY.
        In Jan. ~ Dec., RMB 24.94 bn,RMB 33.74 bn and RMB 77.84 bn, which accounted for 30.7%, 41.5% and 95.8% of the total investment of social fixed assets, were invested on the infrastructure, the construction and installation and the third industry in Fengtai District, up by 26.2%, 0.7% and 7.4% YoY, respectively.