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Fengtai Exhibition Combines Tradition with Innovation on the Ninth Beijing Cultural Expo

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The 9th China Beijing International Cultural & Creative Industry Expo sponsored jointly by the Chinese Ministry of Culture, State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of the PRC and the Beijing Municipal Government will be held at the China International Exhibition Center during December 11 to 14.
Using "Cultural Fengtai, Creative Future" as the theme, our district will participate in this Expo, and our booth is located in State Fair Hall 3 with an area of 386.75 square meters.
Simple Exhibition Style and Outstanding Service Purposes
Our district attended the cultural expo adhering to the tenet of thrift expo and service for enterprises. The Expo is divided two main parts - the key project areas and cultural enterprise area. The design style is simple and has both traditional and fashionable atmosphere. The content of display mainly is cultural and creative development planning of outcomes of Fengtai District, including the key cultural creation projects of Chinese Opera and Cultural Center, Qinglong Lake • World Multicultural Convention Capital, Beijing National Digital Publishing Base and so on, and corporate culture, series products and feature interactions, covering culture and art, advertising design, film and television media, book publishing and other aspects from 16 outstanding cultural and creative enterprises consisting of Zhengbang, China International Television Corporation, Academy Press and the like. Of them, the enterprise exhibition area accounted for over eighty percent of the total area in order to achieve better exhibition effect of enterprises and give full play to the functions of government services .
Key Cultural and Creative Projects Aggregates Cultural Heritage and Innovation
This time, the key cultural and creative content projects of our district will aggregate cultural and creative development characteristics of out district in the form of project presentation, and reflect the in-depth meaning of "Cultural Fengtai and Creative Future", and cultural heritage and innovation appear simultaneously. The preparing Chinese Opera Cultural Center has been presented to the public on opera talent online training platform in advance in the form of "Online", and on the occasion, visitors can experience the various functions of the platform.
In addition, dozens of Peking Opera master Mr. Mei Lanfang's classic opera gestures and the drama animation film and television work of faculty and students of Chinese Opera Institute shown on the Confucius Institute of France Angers also will meet with visitors. Meanwhile, as one of six big conference and exhibition gathering plates in Beijing "Twelfth Five-Year Plan", Qinglong Lake • World Multicultural Convention Capital project will mainly exhibit the construction capital situation and the 75th World Seed Conference held successfully. And the Beijing National Digital Publishing Base established formally in 2013 will also demonstrate its good industrial environment and broad development prospect.
Cultural and Creative Enterprises' Interactive Experience Has Diverse Content

        In the Fengtai exhibition area of previous expos, Qizhentiancheng handmade paper cutting activity was the most popular with children and ladies. This year, they will maintain the tradition and prepare more than 1,000 sets of paper-cut materials, and design tens of flowers, animals, people, greetings patterns for beginners for visitors to experience the paper cutting art at the scene and feel the charm of traditional culture; RYB Childhood Education Institution will take the form of game experience and dancing with dolls so that parents and children experience the joy of parenting in the interesting interactions; the new product designed by China International Television Corporation - Universal Walking Movements Rotating Stage will also be given as their "debut". The dance adopts cutting-edge technology to achieve the full angle of rotation, moving and lifting, and on the occasion, visitors can experience the magic charm brought by science and technology on a universal stage.